This is quite possibly the only post I will be able to make this entire year.  This is because I am in New York City right now, working 5 days a week and attempting to commute to Southern California on the weekends. 

It's not working out so well, to be absolutely honest.

Yes, I am able to manage two projects simultaneously from my hotel in White Plains - one for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and one for the New York Power Authority, but the toll has been pretty severe.  For instance, I spent a day in the hospital for pneumonia, which is not great for a guy who has struggled with his lungs half his life.

When I leave on Friday, I appear in my house in SoCal by Saturday morning around 11 AM. Then I leave the following day around 2 PM so I can show up in Manhattan on Monday morning. 

It's a life out of balance -- Koyaanisquatsi -- as the Hopi describe it. And it is not expected to be maintained indefinitely.  I'll give it until October of this year. 

Maybe I will be able to write something sometime after that.